Exercises in Self-Pornography

Pornography created for an audience of one: about me, by me and for me.

Mother said I must take what I can get


Diary of an Exhibitionist Viewer Reactions

A VIEWER WRITES: "...Amazing, texturally rich, contextually dark, at times disturbing, liberating, stimulating, wistful, shocking, fresh, alien, intense, provocative, truthful...everything art is meant to be. some may think it sheer pornography, but I don't have those feelings. You may be to art what Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were to poetry."

ANOTHER VIEWER STATES: "You can look at these pictures and tell the person is disturbed."

ANOTHER VIEWER REMARKS: "Cruel but kind. Deep but shallow. Hilarious but sad. Must see but avoid."

A FINAL VIEWER NOTES: "You are the Ancient Mariner of photography with a phallus around your neck. "